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With over 10+ years of experience and a deep understanding of US tax regulations, we specialize in complex areas such as tax residency determination, foreign tax credits, passive foreign investment companies (PFICs), controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), transfer pricing, Subpart F income, and compliance with IRS reporting requirements. Our proficiency in handling these technical aspects, along with our in-depth knowledge of IRS procedures and guidelines, enables us to provide comprehensive US tax services tailored to the unique needs of businesses and individuals.

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TaxFilerUS specializes in US taxation serving expatriates, foreign business owners and individuals. We ensure compliance, maximize benefits, and drive financial success. With up-to-date knowledge of tax regulations, we provide tailored guidance for your US entity tax filing, foreign earned income exclusions, tax credits, and comprehensive planning. Trust, transparency, and personalized attention are at the core of our client-centric approach. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating your US tax complexities as an Expat.


Expat Tax Services


Single Member Disregarded LLC

Are you a non US owner of a single member LLC in the USA and sells products through Marketplaces such as Amazon or provide remote consulting services to clients in US? If yes then we can help you in filing your Form 5472 and 1120 Proforma and saving you from a potential $25,000 penalty


Multi Member Disregarded LLC

Have you opened a Multi member LLC in the US with partners based outside US? We will help you file you LLC tax return (Form 1065) and State tax return along with all relevant tax forms that apply to your specific case


US Expat Taxes

Our expert accountants are available to assist US expats with reporting US tax return, foreign assets under FATCA regulations, filing of FBAR(Foreign Bank Account Report) FINCEN form 114, Form 5471, 8805, 8806, 8833 and several others


Consultation Services

Looking for a professional tax advisor before opening a US company, or filing of your tax returns as a non US resident or looking to take a secoind opinion, we offer you consultation services starting from just $20 for 15 minutes


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ACME Industries

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Vehement Capital

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